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Tuesday, August 3rd 2021

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YEG." - Chris Myden

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Edmonton to Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, or Ottawa - $78 to $223 roundtrip [nonstop flights]

Cheap flights Canada fall and winter travel

Most of the great July and August prices for domestic travel within Canada are now gone.

The focus now is on September and beyond, where the intense competition between 4 of Canada's airlines is still resulting in some very cheap prices throughout the rest of 2021, and as far away as March 2022.

The most interesting prices are the ones between Alberta and Toronto, Kitchener, or Ottawa, where roundtrip flights can be found in the $200s after taxes.

Sadly, September or October is usually the last chance of the year for a vacation within Canada with decent weather.

WestJet, Air Canada vs Flair, Swoop

When it comes to comparing prices between WestJet / Air Canada versus Flair / Swoop, if you have intention of bringing *any* luggage (checked OR carry-on), you should probably add about $100-$120 to Flair and Swoop's roundtrip prices, to give you a fair comparison.

Flair and Swoop's base prices will buy you just a seat on the plane, so don't be fooled by the first price you see on search engines. They're not telling you the whole story.

As a general rule, somewhere around $250 CAD roundtrip including taxes and fees has been the rock bottom price you'll find for non-stop flights between B.C./Alberta and Ontario/Quebec with WestJet or Air Canada.

And with Flair or Swoop, the bottom price will be around $100-$125 CAD roundtrip *before* adding any luggage, and not by coincidence, also around $220-$250 CAD roundtrip with checked luggage or carry-on.

So at the end of the day, if your grand total price is in the ballpark of $200-$250 CAD roundtrip per passenger for a flight from Edmonton to Ontario, you're doing very well. It's a lot better than the $400-$600 roundtrip that Canadians have traditionally paid for travel within our own country over the years.

Are there any requirements such as a negative covid test result for flying within Canada?

There have never been any special requirements, such as having a covid test result, when flying between any combination of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, or Quebec.

Flying between these 4 provinces is essentially identical to pre-pandemic times, and always has been.

Most of the new rules you've heard about are in regards to international travel and entry into Canada.

Vice versa flights also work

Similar roundtrip prices can be found on the reverse routes (Toronto to Edmonton for example).

Availability for travel

September, October, November, December 2021

January, February, March 2022

One way flights

Yes, you can also find one way flights for approximately 50% of the round trip price.

Just change it from Roundtrip to One Way when you get to the Google Flights links below.

Finding the deals

If you click on the links below, it will take you to an example Google Flights search you can start with.

When you get to Google Flights, you can click on the departure date box to open the calendar view and browse for the cheapest dates to fly.

Once you've opened the calendar view, try adjusting the trip length at the bottom.

British Columbia - Victoria (YYJ)

B.C. is back open and welcoming out-of-province visitors.

Edmonton to Victoria $78-$98 roundtrip on Flair, Swoop (September, October)

British Columbia - Vancouver (YVR) or Abbotsford (YXX)

B.C. is back open and welcoming out-of-province visitors. There's a pretty good hotel promo on Vancouver hotels right now.

Abbotsford is east of Vancouver, and about a 45-60 minute drive into downtown Vancouver (depending on how bad traffic is). Abbotsford airport is hoping to have a $10 shuttle to the Sky Train station in place by August.

PROMO CODE: Flair Airlines has a promo code out for '40% off bases fares' to or from Abbotsford. Realistically, it might bring your total price down by 10-15%. Use the Google Flights links below to look for the cheapest dates, and then use promo code 40YXX on the Flair Air website. The code expires July 22nd at midnight.

Edmonton to Vancouver $152 roundtrip on Air Canada, WestJet

Edmonton to Vancouver $98 roundtrip on Flair

Edmonton to Abbotsford $88 roundtrip on Flair

British Columbia - Kelowna (YLW)

British Columbia is back open and welcoming visitors from across Canada again.

Edmonton to Kelowna $138 roundtrip on WestJet (September, October)

Edmonton to Kelowna $98 roundtrip on Flair (September, October)

Ontario - Toronto (YYZ) or Kitchener (YKF)

Ontario has entered phase 3 of 4 of removing their restrictions. Indoor dining at bars and restaurants is permitted, with no limits on how many people can share a table. Retail is open with no restrictions.

Edmonton to Toronto $223 roundtrip on WestJet, Air Canada

Edmonton to Toronto $117-$137 roundtrip on Flair, Swoop

Edmonton to Kitchener-Waterloo $87-$117 roundtrip on Flair (September, October)

Edmonton to Hamilton $134-$154 roundtrip on Swoop (September, October)

Ontario - Ottawa (YOW)

Ontario has entered phase 3 of 4 of removing their restrictions. Indoor dining at bars and restaurants is permitted, with no limits on how many people can share a table. Retail is open with no restrictions.

Edmonton to Ottawa $117-$127 roundtrip on Flair (September, October)

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