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Tuesday, August 3rd 2021

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YEG." - Chris Myden

Edmonton to Singapore - $571 to $693 CAD roundtrip including taxes | Flights on 5* ANA


United Airlines is showing a few flights from Edmonton to Singapore for $693 CAD roundtrip including taxes.

The flights have 2 stops each way, in Denver and San Francisco.

United overbooks. And breaks guitars.

Update 6/6: Flights with All Nippon Airways (ANA) have become available for $571 CAD roundtrip including taxes! ANA is a great airline. See update below.

Availability for travel

2017: September, October, November, December
2018: January, February, March

How to find and book this deal

1. Go to Momondo

2. Search for a flight from Edmonton to Singapore (SIN)

Try one of the following date combinations:

Sep 19 to Oct 11
Sep 26 to Oct 11

Jan 16 to Jan 31

3. Click through from Momondo to the booking site showing the cheap price.

screenshot from Momondo

Update 6/6 - There are now flights from Edmonton to Singapore (SIN) for $571 to $615 CAD roundtrip including taxes. This is a new record for the cheapest flights from Edmonton to Singapore.

Some flights are with United Airlines, others are with All Nippon Airways (ANA) - or a combination of both. The flights with ANA are definitely preferred (great airline).

I'll try to point out the dates I've seen with ANA flights both ways.

Also keep in mind that it's pretty easy to fly from Singapore to other places in SE Asia for a very low price.

For example, Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand is usually around $50 CAD each way on AirAsia.

Singapore to Denpasar, Indonesia (Bali) or Phnom Penh, Cambodia is usually around $70 CAD each way on AirAsia or Jetstar.

Or Singapore to Perth, Australia on Scoot for $125 CAD each way.

You can even reach as far as the Maldives (MLE) for $150 CAD each way on TigerAir.

1. Go to Momondo

2. Search for a flight from Edmonton to Singapore (SIN)

Try one of the following date combinations:

(for longer trips, you can try mixing and matching the departure and return dates from the list below)

Sep 5 to Sep 20 (ANA flights both ways)
Sep 5 to Sep 26, 27
Sep 12, 13 to Sep 26, 27
Sep 19, 20 to Sep 26, 27
Sep 20 to Oct 4

Oct 3, 4 to Oct 18
Oct 9 to Oct 24 (ANA flights both ways) -- new!
Oct 16 to Oct 31 (ANA flights both ways) -- new!
Oct 17 to Oct 31, Nov 2
Oct 23 to Nov 7 (ANA flights both ways) -- new!
Oct 24, 30 to Nov 7 (ANA flights both ways)
Oct 30, 31 to Nov 16 (ANA flights both ways)

Nov 6, 7 to Nov 21, 23 (ANA flights both ways)
Nov 14 to Nov 28, 30 (ANA flights both ways)
Nov 21 to Dec 5 (ANA flights both ways)
Nov 22 to Dec 6 (ANA flights both ways)
Nov 28 to Dec 5, 12 (ANA flights both ways)
Nov 29 to Dec 13

Dec 5 to Dec 19 (ANA flights both ways)
Dec 6 to Dec 20 (ANA flights both ways)

Jan 11 to Jan 23 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 11 to Jan 25
Jan 15 to Jan 30 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 16 to Feb 1
Jan 17 to Jan 31 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 18 to Jan 30 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 22 to Feb 6 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 22, 23 to Jan 31, Feb 1, 5, 6
Jan 23 to Feb 6 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 23 to Feb 8 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 24 to Feb 7 (ANA flights both ways)
Jan 25 to Feb 5, 6
Jan 31 to Feb 14 (ANA flights both ways)

Feb 5 to Feb 21 (ANA flights both ways)
Feb 12 to Feb 28 (ANA flights both ways)
Feb 14 to Feb 28 (ANA flights both ways)
Feb 25 to Mar 7 -- $617
Feb 27 to Mar 15

Mar 6 to Mar 20

Apr 2 to Apr 17 (ANA flights both ways) -- new!
^^^ set the Max Flight Duration filter to 50, and pick the result from Gate1, not Fareboom)

Apr 9 to Apr 24 (ANA flights both ways) $595 -- new!
^^^ slide 'Time of Day (outbound)' down to 07:00, and pick the result from GoToGate

Apr 23 to May 8 (ANA flights both ways) -- new!

Apr 30 to May 5 (United on the way there, ANA on the way back) $593 -- new!

NOTE: When you get to Momondo, you may want slide the 'Max Flight Duration' slider on the left down to around 60. Otherwise, you may see results that are slightly cheaper, but really long flights.

screenshot from Momondo

What can you tell me about Gate1.ca ?

Gate1.ca only started showing up on Momondo about 6 months ago as a partner booking site, but they are actually owned by tix.nl (you can see this on their contact page).

Some of the larger booking sites around the world create 'spin-off' booking sites that are dedicated to specific markets or countries.

Tix.nl is an agency based in the Netherlands and has been around for at least 6 years, as far as I can tell from their reviews on TrustPilot.com

The tix.nl reviews on TrustPilot seem better than most booking sites. It appears that tix.nl actually responds to reviews, which is definitely more than can be said for most sites.

Gate1Travel.ca has no relation to Gate1Travel.com - a somewhat well known tour company in the U.S.

Update: Now that this deal has been around for a little while, I have heard from people who have booked these flights through Gate1.ca, and received their booking #, which they used to confirm their booking on the ANA website.

Update 7/6 - I have added some more October 2017 dates from Edmonton to Singapore that are showing up for around $575 CAD roundtrip including taxes *and* they are with ANA in both directions (overseas). There are also some new ones in April 2018.

1. Check out the list of dates above

2. Look for the dates identified with -- new!

screenshot from Momondo

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6 Responses to "Edmonton to Singapore - $571 to $693 CAD roundtrip including taxes | Flights on 5* ANA"

    Has Milan Dubinsky been here?
       Milan Dubinsky on June 8th, 2017

    I already have booked from 4th of December 2017 till 9 of January 2018 for 594$ round trip. Thank you for Tip :)

    Has Chris Myden been here?
       Chris Myden on June 8th, 2017

    Thanks for the info Milan! I have heard from a few people that have successfully booked this now.

    Has BB been here?
       BB on June 10th, 2017

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for posting this!
    Any chance you would know if Gate 1 through momondo is a reliable place to book tickets?

    Has Chris Myden been here?
       Chris Myden on June 10th, 2017

    No problem BB,

    I'm not sure if you've seen the section I added to the blog post: 'What can you tell me about gate1.ca? '.

    I've heard from people that have booked this deal through Gate1.ca - they received their booking confirmation # and then used that to verify the booking by checking directly on the ANA website. Everything seems to be solid.

    Has Jennifer been here?
       Jennifer on June 24th, 2017

    And an interesting twist I found. Using this tip for cheap air to Singapore then booking super cheap from Singapore to Thialand, saved us a few hundred as a family. I couldn't find the same savings by just same dates Edmonton to Thialand

    Has Chris Myden been here?
       Chris Myden on June 25th, 2017

    Hi Jennifer,

    Yes, I find if the price drops significantly, like it has with these flights to Singapore, it can be worth booking two separate roundtrip flights. With a slight price drop, it's usually not worth it, by the time you factor everything else in.

    It's similar to looking for a flight to Europe. If the price to London or Amsterdam for example drops into the $500s/$600s CAD roundtrip, it could be worth booking a separate roundtrip flight from London or Amsterdam to get to somewhere else. But if it only drops a bit, it's probably not worth it.

    Often when you're booking separate roundtrip flights, the timing of the flights doesn't work out, and requires staying overnight somewhere on either end of the trip. It usually works best if it's somewhere you actually want to consider as part of your vacation, and spend a few nights in on either end of your trip.

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